Why is my application locked?

Applications that are not completed and submitted by the application deadline will automatically lock.  Please check deadlines in the Candidate Handbook.

If you choose to delay submitting your application for a future testing window or need access to your application after it has locked, please email CSP@naspnet.org to request access.

I paid the application fee. Why have I not received information on scheduling my exam session?

Paying the application fee and submitting the application are separate steps. SPCB will not receive your application until you complete the submission step. Please note that the email confirming payment is NOT a confirmation that your application was successfully submitted. Only the application submission confirmation indicates that your application has been successfully submitted for review.

If you completed sections of your application and paid the application fee, and have not received a confirmation of your application submission, log back into your application, complete any remaining sections, and then click the orange “submit” button at the bottom of the application. Each section of the application, with the exception of the Continuing Education section, will be highlighted in green when you have sufficiently completed it. The Continuing Education section will remain blue when at least 30 CE credits are added to the application. The submit button will not be available to select, and will not be orange, until all sections of the application have been satisfied.

Additionally, if you selected for your employer to complete the electronic attestation of your work experience, your application will not be processed until the employer completes the attestation.

Upon review of your application, if additional information is required in order to approve it, you will be contacted by email. Please add csp@naspnet.org to your safe senders list to ensure receipt of important notifications.

Why didn’t I receive confirmation that my application was submitted?

You will receive an automated confirmation email when your application is submitted and a second email after your application has been processed. If you do not receive a submission confirmation email, please check your application to confirm that you clicked the orange “submit” button at the bottom of the form (see previous question and response).

How do I schedule my exam session?

The exam scheduling window opens two months before the corresponding testing window. Approved candidates will be uploaded to the the SPCB’s testing partner’s (PSI) system, and once the scheduling window opens, candidate will receive an email with test scheduling instructions from PSI. Once the scheduling window is open, there may be a delay between the application approval and the receipt of the scheduling email. Information regarding receipt of the scheduling email and details will be included in the application approval email. 

How is the exam graded?

The exam is graded based on a pre-determined passing point established by a panel of subject matter experts. The passing score is based on the panel’s established difficulty ratings for each exam question. Under the guidance of our psychometrician, the panel develops and recommends the passing point which is reviewed and approved by the SPCB Board.

Where can I find online application instructions?

Please find full requirements for submitting the application, including the the Application Tips section, in the Candidate Handbook. If you have additional questions, contact csp@naspnet.org

How do I enter continuing education activities in my application or recertification application?

When entering Continuing Education activities, the activity date, ACPE number, title, requested CE units, and proof of completion for each activity must be included. You may enter each activity separately or upload a copy of your full CPE Monitor Activity Transcript for the previous two years. If you enter activities separately, you may choose your activity from the pre-populated alphabetical listing or select “Non-NASP Approved Activity” from the alphabetical listing and enter the activity details accordingly. If you choose to upload a transcript, circle or highlight the activities that are directly related to specialty pharmacy for which you are requesting credit.

CE activities entered in your application will not be reviewed until the application is submitted. Once reviewed, if any deficiencies are identified, SPCB will contact the applicant for resolution following the procedure and timelines detailed in the Candidate Handbook.

How do I enter my CE activities using the full copy of my CPE Monitor Activity Transcript?

View the Uploading a CE Transcript document for instruction.

My email, name, and/or address have changed, how do I update this information?

Please log into your online account to update any of your personal contact information.

Do I have to pass each content area to pass the exam?

You do not have to pass a certain number of sections in order to pass the exam. Pass/fail status is determined by the total number of questions answered correctly.

Why isn’t the passing score in the Candidate Handbook?

It is the policy of the SPCB Board that the passing score for the exam is not published. The purpose of the CSP exam is to gauge whether or not test takers understand the key concepts represented on the content outline for the exam. Because all of the items on the content outline are essential the Board does not want to inadvertently convey the message that only a certain percentage of the outline must be studied in order to pass the exam or for test takers to attempt to only answer a certain percentage of test questions correctly.

Can I get a copy of the exam to review my answers?

We cannot release the exam or any portion of it under any circumstances. To do so would be a violation of our security procedures. Access to the examination is carefully controlled and limited to only those individuals who must have access for the purpose of examination development and quality control.

Should I take a review course or purchase study materials?

As a certification organization, SPCB’s role is in developing and administering the exam. The Board does not require, provide, or endorse any specific study guides or review courses.