First Name
Last Name
Cert #
Shelley Ahuja Pharmacy Advantage SPCB000127 4/30/2018
Rania Akkad Pharmacy Advantage SPCB000128 4/30/2018
Susan Allen Amber Pharmacy SPCB000089 10/31/2018
Marly Arbuckle MedTrak Services  SPCB000220  2/28/2018
Annie Baeten University of Wisconsin Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000417 10/31/2018
Saurabh Bagai Pharmacy Solutions  SPCB000107  2/28/2018
Renee Baiano Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy  SPCB000288  2/28/2018
David Bao OptumRx SPCB000304 4/30/2018
Ali Bazzi Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan CSP002 10/31/2017
Sandhya Beesabathuni Aetna Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000195 4/30/2018
Michelle Betcher Coram Specialty Infusion Services SPCB000039 10/31/2017
Alan Bleznick Parkway Pharmacy SPCB000074 4/30/2018
Lazarus Bolis Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy  SPCB000329  2/28/2018
Ryan Bradley Ardon Health SPCB000420 10/31/2018
Sarah Briant Barnes Healthcare Pharmacy SPCB000182 10/31/2018
Sarah Brouillet Apothecary by Design SPCB000389 10/31/2018
Steve Burkes Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000354 4/30/2018
Denali Cahoon Apothecary By Design SPCB000052 10/31/2017
Nick Calla Community Specialty Pharmacy Network CSP003 10/31/2017
Abeer Carpenter Pharmacy Advantage SPCB000197 10/31/2018
Alicia Carver Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000407 10/31/2018
Bill Chauvin U.S. Bioservices CSP004 10/31/2017
Guy Cozzi CVS Caremark CSP005 10/31/2017
Michael J. Crocco Publix CSP006 10/31/2017
Michael Crowe Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000017 10/31/2017
Honest Dang CarePlus Pharmacy SPCB000091 4/30/2018
Brenda Davis Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000166 4/30/2017
Jason Davis Avella Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000242 4/30/2017
Jeffrey Davis Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy  SPCB000290  2/28/2018
Piya Debnath Avella Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000257 4/30/2017
Jennifer DeFever University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinic, Mail Service Pharmacy SPCB000355 4/30/2018
Amy Delano Avella SPCB000189 10/31/2018
James Demarest Avella SPCB000196 10/31/2018
Umang Desai Pharmacy Advantage SPCB000428 10/31/2018
Megan DiDomenico Healy Pharmacy SPCB000369 10/31/2018
Nicole Ditta Total Life Care Pharmacy SPCB000130 4/30/2018
Jonathan Dolese Total Life Care Pharmacy SPCB000133 4/30/2018
Charles Donoho Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000190 10/31/2018
Elizabeth Duruz BioRx SPCB000281 4/30/2018
Kim Ehlert Fairview Specialty Services Pharmacy SPCB000170 4/30/2017
Kevin Fantich EHIM, Inc. SPCB000113 4/30/2018
Donald Filibeck AxelaCare Health Solutions CSP008 10/31/2017
Bethany Folland Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000395 10/31/2018
Laurinda Forbes Aetna Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000201 10/31/2018
John Ford Barnes Healthcare SPCB000116 10/31/2018
Chad Forinash Dohmen Life Science Services SPCB000087 10/31/2018
Gaurang Gandhi Curascript CSP009 10/31/2017
Vanessa Garner Aetna Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000058 10/31/2017
Ninette Georgi BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000231 10/31/2018
Jenna Gianninoto Avella Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000061 10/31/2017
Kellye Gibbs Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000344 10/31/2018
Mark Godwin UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual SPCB000388 10/31/2018
Joanna Gong Careplus Pharmacy SPCB000222 4/30/2017
Jeffrey Gonneville Heritage Biologics SPCB000137 4/30/2018
Lauren Grantz Health Spectrum Pharmacy Services SPCB000158 10/31/2018
William Graybeal BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000412 10/31/2018
Lisa Gregg Aetna Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000050 10/31/2017
Jonathan Allen Grice HomeTown Specialty Care Pharmacy  SPCB000286  2/28/2018
Chris Griffee Avella SPCB000246 4/30/2017
Mary Grime Avella SPCB000253 4/30/2017
Chloe Groomes Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000301 10/31/2018
Sara Guidry OptumRx SPCB000350 4/30/2018
Mary Guillot Total Life Care Pharmacy SPCB000111 4/30/2018
Michelle Hall Magellan Rx Pharmacy  SPCB000283  2/28/2018
Jonathan Han Alphascript Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000040 10/31/2017
Brandon Hardin Gentry Health Services, Inc. SPCB000408 10/31/2018
Jefferey Haro TLC Rx SPCB000194 4/30/2017
Sajid Hasan Cigna Specialty Pharmacy Services SPCB000136 4/30/2018
Meagan Lee Hargrove Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy  SPCB000294  2/28/2018
Sandra Harris University of Virginia Barringer Pharmacy  SPCB000313  2/28/2018
Christy Lee Haytack Sierra Biologics, Inc. SPCB000386 10/31/2018
Gary Henshaw Cigna Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000030 10/31/2017
Hector Hernandez Ortiz Special Care Pharmacy Services SPCB000171 10/31/2018
Allyson Hess Caresite Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000330 4/30/2018
Sandra Hickey Diplomat SPCB000252 4/30/2017
Nishita Hira Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000312 4/30/2018
Nicole Hubach Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy CSP012 10/31/2017
Eric Huckins Dean Clinic Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000345 4/30/2018
Mohamed Ibrahim Cigna Specialty Pharmacy Services SPCB000310 4/30/2018
Francis Jamison II Apothecary by Design SPCB000319 4/30/2018
April Jones Vanderbilt University Medical Center Specialty Pharmacy Services SPCB000401 10/31/2018
Cheryl Jorgenson Rx.comPBC CSP014 10/31/2017
Daniel Jude Fairview Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000228 4/30/2017
Reed Kalna Walgreens Health System Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000151 4/30/2017
Kanika Kapoor Diplomat SPCB000328 10/31/2018
Tara Kelley Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy Services SPCB000405 10/31/2018
Courtney Kelly PharmaHealth Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000138 4/30/2018
Steve Kennedy Walgreens Infusion Services CSP015 10/31/2017
Grant Knowles Moda Health CSP017 10/31/2017
Kathleen Kokoski Walgreens SPCB000169 10/31/2018
Gregory Kratz CoramRx LLC SPCB000028 10/31/2017
Linda Lampi Diplomat SPCB000110 4/30/2018
Mark Landry Total Life Care Pharmacy SPCB000135 4/30/2018
Sean Lee Avella Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000251 4/30/2017
Eileen Levesque Apothecary by Design SPCB000324 4/30/2018
Justin Levesque Apothecary by Design Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000406 10/31/2018
Katherine Lewnau Pharmacy Advantage Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000427 10/31/2018
Brooke Looney Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000239 4/30/2017
John-Paul Lopez Pharmacy Advantage CSP018 10/31/2017
Stephen Lott Diplomat SPCB000122 10/31/2018
Jordyn Loy Foundation Care SPCB000340 4/30/2018
Mikealee Lundgren CVS/Caremark SPCB000164 10/31/2018
Nermeen Madkour VA San Diego Healthcare System SPCB000129 4/30/2018
Katrina Maggi Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy Services SPCB000424 10/31/2018
Henry Manalang Avella Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000188 4/30/2017
Jonathan Mansour Pharmacy Advantage Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000202 10/31/2018
Leena Mathew Caremed Pharmaceutical Services SPCB000390 10/31/2018
Kelly Mathews Avella SPCB000193 10/31/2018
Sandra Matsumoto CVS Caremark CSP020 10/31/2017
Kathleen Metz SPCB000070 10/31/2017
Darren McLane Walgreens SPCB000236 4/30/2017
Rick Miller Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy CSP021 10/31/2017
David Mitchell UC Davis Cypress Pharmacy SPCB000206 10/31/2018
Rhonita Mitchell Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000426 10/31/2018
Ali Mohempour Careplus/CVS Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000402 10/31/2018
Irvin Molina Commcare Specialty Pharmacy  SPCB000293  2/28/2018
Cynthia Moore Walgreens SPCB000229 4/30/2017
Danielle Moran Healy Pharmacy SPCB000400 10/31/2018
William Morrow CVS/Caremark Specialty Pharmacy CSP022 10/31/2017
Amy Nash Reliance Rx CSP023 10/31/2017
Stacey Ness MHA CSP024 10/31/2017
Brandon Newman Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000117 10/31/2018
Benji Newman self-employed SPCB000261 4/30/2017
Huong Nguyen Exactus Pharmacy Solutions, Inc. SPCB000284 4/30/2018
Kristin Norton TLC Rx SPCB000198 10/31/2018
Jonathan Ogurchak PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000184 4/30/2017
Amish Patel US Bioservices CSP026 10/31/2017
Sweta Patel Pharmacy Advantage SPCB000109 4/30/2018
Amy Pfeifer Walgreens SPCB000227 4/30/2017
Cara Piaggesi Walgreen’s Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000215 4/30/2017
Kelley Pipkin Aureus Pharmacy  SPCB000325  2/28/2018
Christopher Popun Barnes Precision Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000327 4/30/2018
Melanie Radi Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000221 4/30/2017
Wendy Ramey University of Kentucky Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000415 10/31/2018
Leana Ramirez Avella SPCB000179 4/30/2017
Jean Rhee CareMed Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000431 10/31/2018
Gary Rice Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy CSP027 10/31/2017
Justin Ritter TLC Rx SPCB000021 10/31/2017
Diana Ross Aetna Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000200 4/30/2017
Leah Rossmann University of Maryland Pharmacy SPCB000178 10/31/2018
Sajal Roy Ethical Factor Rx SPCB000101 4/30/2018
Nicole Ruiz TLC Rx SPCB000161 10/31/2018
Natalie Ryan Value Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000099 4/30/2018
Corissa Schnell Mayo SPCB000167 10/31/2018
Deanna Smith Biocure SPCB000377 10/31/2018
Marcy Snell Pharmacy Advantage SPCB000115 4/30/2018
Robert Snyder PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000187 4/30/2017
Kayla Stewart Apothecary by Design Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000421 10/31/2018
Jon Suyko Swedish American Hospital Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000211 4/30/2017
Quinn Taira Pharmacare Hawaii SPCB000237 4/30/2017
Ray Tancredi Walgreens CSP032 10/31/2017
Misty Thompson CVS Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000332 4/30/2018
Thomas Donald Thorne Cigna Specialty Pharmacy  SPCB000271  2/28/2018
Jennifer Torrey AllCare Plus Pharmacy SPCB000045 4/30/2017
Kimberly Tsai MemorialCare  SPCB000299  2/28/2018
Nicholas Van Groningen Avella Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000059 10/31/2017
Jonathan Van Lare Henry Ford Health System – Pharmacy Advantage CSP034 10/31/2017
Connie Vo UW Specialty Mail Service Pharmacy SPCB000399 10/31/2018
Tim Walsh Noble Health Services, Inc. SPCB000425 10/31/2018
Alexis Wiles Total Life Care Pharmacy SPCB000124 4/30/2018
Blyth Williamson OptumRx and BriovaRx SPCB000434 10/31/2018
Janice Wolff Total Life Care Pharmacy SPCB000207 10/31/2018
Brett Wright Benevere Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000362 4/30/2018
Houston Wyatt Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000255 4/30/2018
Rebecca Yoon Vanderbilt Specialty Pharmacy SPCB000241 4/30/2017
George Zula US Bioservices CSP037 10/31/2017