Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP) Requirements:

  1. Education: BSPharm or PharmD
  2. Licensure: Current, active pharmacy license in good standing, with no restrictions or pending
    actions, in the United States or Canada
  3. Background: No previous history of felony convictions
  4. Continuing Education: Complete 30 hours of Specialty Pharmacy continuing education in the previous two years. All continuing education hours must be related to topics included on the CSP examination content outline. Continuing education must be ACPE approved.
  5. Experience: 3,000  hours of Specialty Pharmacy practice in the previous four years. See meeting the experience requirement section below.
  6. Examination: Passing score on the CSP examination


Verification of each eligibility requirement will be conducted as follows:

  1. BSPharm or PharmD: An attestation is required. No additional documentation is required as verification of current, active license will also serve as verification for this criteria.
  2. Current, active Rx license in good standing the US or Canada: Applicant will upload a copy of their license and provide license number, expiration date, and state/province of license on the application form. License will be verified.
  3. No previous history of felony records or State Board violations or suspensions: Applicant will sign attestation on application form. Application form will be reviewed to ensure signature is present.
  4. Specialty Pharmacy continuing education: All continuing education hours must be related to topics included on the CSP examination content outline. Continuing education must be provided by accredited continuing education providers or approved NASP providers. Applicants will list courses, dates & hours on their application and include copies of certificates of attendance (or equivalent) with the application. Applications will be reviewed to ensure the correct number of credits are reported, that topics align with the CSP exam domains, and that supporting documentation for all CE is submitted.
  5. 3,000 hours of Pharmacy practice in the previous four years: Applications will include a standard Employer Verification form for the applicant to download. The supervisor(s) will complete and sign the form and the applicant will submit the form(s) with their application. Applications will be reviewed to ensure that verification forms are submitted for the minimum hour’s requirement and that each form is completed properly.

Note that SPCB reserves the right to verify any information provided on the application form and/or as part of the application process.


Meeting the Experience Requirement

Specialty Pharmacy practice is defined as pharmacy practice that includes medications and pharmaceuticals that are high in cost, require special handling, are subject to limited or restricted distribution, require ongoing assessment, treat rare diseases, or require active monitoring of side effects; with an increased emphasis on patient management, medication adherence, collaboration with other members of the health care team, an ability to use metrics to drive optimization of patient care, and an ability to assist the patient to access additional supportive resources.

Specialty Pharmacy practice includes both operational and clinical pharmacists who dispense specialty pharmacy drugs as well as pharmacists who are responsible for the management or direction of specialty pharmacists / specialty pharmacies. As an example job titles may include, Staff Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacist, Specialty Pharmacist, Pharmacy Manager, Clinical Services Manager, Manger of Pharmacy Benefits, Director of Pharmacy, Director of Specialty Pharmacy Practice, Director of Clinical Services, Director of Pharmacy Operations, VP Pharmacy Operations, VP of Clinical Services, and VP of Specialty Pharmacy Development, Chief Pharmacy Officer, etc.

The 3,000 hour experience requirement includes time spent working in Specialty Pharmacy practice in a variety of capacities. For example, a pharmacist in a retail or hospital environment with 6,000 hours of work experience who spends approximately 50% of his/her time working with specialty pharmaceuticals would meet the requirement and should report only the relevant specialty practice hours.


Eligibility Appeal

Applicants who are notified that they do not meet the eligibility requirements may appeal this decision by sending a written notice of the appeal to the SPCB Executive Director within 30 days of receipt of the adverse eligibility decision. The Executive Director will forward the notice to the Board of Directors for review.

The Board will review the applicant’s information and will make a final decision regarding eligibility. No new or additional information may be submitted with the appeal request. The eligibility appeal will be reviewed within 45 days for receipt. Written notice of the final decision will be sent to the applicant within 30 days of the review.