Candidate Handbook

For specialty pharmacists interested in CSP certification, the starting point is downloading the Candidate Handbook for a complete description of candidate information and Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP) certification policies. After reviewing the Candidate Handbook, if you meet the eligibility requirements — applying for certification is the next step.

Eligibility Requirements

To take the CSP exam, applicants must meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Education: BSPharm or PharmD
  2. Licensure: Current, active pharmacist license in good standing, with no restrictions or pending actions, in the United States or Canada
  3. Background: No previous history of felony convictions
  4. Continuing Education: Complete 30 hours of Specialty Pharmacy continuing education in the previous 2 years. All continuing education hours must be related to topics included on the CSP examination content outline.
  5. Experience: 3,000 hours of Specialty Pharmacy practice in the previous 4 years. See Meeting the Experience Requirement section of the Candidate Handbook for more information. Employer Verification forms may be submitted by the employer electronically through the application system or by completing the hard copy version of the SPCB Employer Verification Form and uploading it to the application.
  6. Code of Conduct: Certificants and candidates have the obligation to practice Specialty Pharmacy in a manner consistent with the certification standards and responsibilities set forth in the Code of Conduct found in the Candidate Handbook. Applicants must attest to uphold the Code before submitting an application.

Candidates who meet all of the requirements and achieve a passing score on the CSP examination are awarded the CSP credential.

View the Candidate Handbook for additional information regarding the eligibility requirements.

For instructions on entering your CE activities using the full copy of your CPE Monitor Activity Transcript, view the Uploading a CE Transcript document for instruction.