The importance of performing a Specialty Pharmacy Role Delineation Study or Job Analysis.

Before developing an assessment for certification, a role delineation or job analysis study determines the knowledge and skills that define a competent specialty pharmacist., and what he/she should be tested on.

During the role delineation process, a committee of subject matter experts defines the overall performance domains associated with competent specialty pharmacy practice. These performance domains are further broken down into more distinct tasks, knowledge, and skills required to perform the job. The job responsibilities developed by the subject matter experts are then validated through a survey of pharmacy practitioners. The practitioners review and rate the domains and tasks according to their importance and frequency of performance.

Best practices: Reasons to Perform a Role Delineation Study 

  • Enhance the legal defensibility and build the credibility of the certification program
  • Establish a profile of the Specialty Pharmacy profession
  • Tracks trends in the Specialty Pharmacy professional practice
  • Informs and contributes to the development and refinement of professional education and training programs
  • Exercises complete transparency while engaging all specialty pharmacy stakeholders in the certification process

Who should participate in the Role Delineation Study and why?

All Specialty Pharmacy stakeholders should be represented in the RDS. Certification and psychometric consultants have been engaged by the Board to develop a job analysis instrument which will be used to analyze and define the content domains, tasks, skills and knowledge required for Certification.

Read the Executive Summary of the 2013 Job Analysis Study.