Specialty Pharmacy Technician Certification Feasibility Study

Alexandria, VA, August 30, 2013

The Specialty Pharmacy Certification Board (SPCB) announced plans to launch a feasibility study for a Certified Specialty Pharmacy Technician™ (CSPT™) designation.

Pharmacy technicians working in the specialty pharmacy industry have an expanded role in pharmacy. This role is uniquely differentiated from other pharmacy technician services due to the administrative and clinical complexities associated with specialty medications. In many situations, technicians are involved in a variety of additional activities such as: patient onboarding, order entry, patient care coordination, and cold chain distribution and shipping activities.

The specialty pharmacy technician feasibility study will determine if there is sufficient interest by major pharmacy stakeholders to support the development of a certification program and establishment of national standards of education, experience and practice for specialty pharmacy technicians. Data will be gathered from a diverse range of pharmacy stakeholders to assess market interest and need.

Specialty pharmaceuticals intersect all distribution channels, including, specialty pharmacies, hospital, retail, infusion, home health care and managed care organizations.

“This is a unique opportunity to align specialty pharmacy stakeholders and pharmacy technician teaching institutions to ensure that current and future specialty pharmacy technicians are better equipped to meet the demanding roles and responsibilities of one of the fastest growing areas in pharmacy. The SPCB is committed to be the conduit of this specialty pharmacy feasibility study,” said Gary Rice, RPh, MS, MBA, President, SPCB.

The SPCB, launched in 2012, is an independent, not-for-profit entity whose sole mission is the certification of professionals who meet specific eligibility requirements and pass a rigorous assessment instrument. The SPCB is independent from any trade or professional association. The SPCB is dedicated to promoting specialty pharmacy’s unique responsibility, maintaining the highest quality standards, and advocating for professional development to ensure that specialty patients receive appropriate care now and in the future. The goal of the CSP program is to assure the general public receives care from qualified, educated, and knowledgeable specialty pharmacists.